Colour Schemes to Follow for a Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is a favourite style in home interiors. It focuses on making more available space to promote freedom of movement, in contrast to emphasising the purpose and function of the room. A lot of homeowners like to achieve minimalist interiors due to various reasons, such as being more mobile, having more space to dedicate a specific activity on, or high respect for space.

Interior design companies in Singapore often apply minimalist elements in their projects, especially when these adhere to client demands. They can be used on furnishings and lighting installations, spatial planning, and colour schemes.

If you want a touch of minimalism in your home surroundings, you may want to see them in your colour pallet. You can ask the interior design company in Singapore that you hired to go through these colour suggestions below:

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  1. White and its variants.

Flat white is a colour of choice in minimalist interior design. This shade brightens up the space, which is essential in amplifying both floor and surrounding airspace as it reflects the light that bounces through its surface. You may want to use white as a backdrop colour, like on the walls and cornices so that you have a canvas to play with later on.

You may also use other colours, particularly those that are leaning towards natural elements, such as pearl and ivory shades. They may not be as clear and clean as flat white, but they too provide some calmness to the open space in the room.

  1. Earth colours.

Another popular colour scheme in minimalist interiors falls under the earth shades. These include browns, greens, and tapered blues. These colours represent nature’s elements, i.e., wood, air, water, and life. They also provide a sense of harmony to any room.

Earth colours also promote fluidity of shape, and this contributes to a relaxing ambiance. They do not go against stark central lighting and even helps reduce its brightness and to boost a comfortable vibe around the house.

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  1. Subdued pastels.

Bright colours can also be used in minimalist interiors, and they come in pastel shades of pink, mauve, lemon yellow, and varying shades of powder blue. Pastel colours are preferred by certain homeowners due to their ability to bring life to the room. Their complementary appeal also creates a lasting impact on the form and shape of the other elements of the room, including that of the furnishings and other structures.

Pastes also reflect both natural and central light that touch the room’s surfaces, making the space seem bigger and wider to the eyes.

Why minimalist?

If you may notice, homeowners who choose minimalist interiors are those who are exposed to hectic and sometimes chaotic environments. They select such interiors (and these colour schemes) so that they can enjoy a feeling of calmness and serenity once they come home from a hard day’s work.

These colour schemes also serve as a surrounding canvas for them to treat as a new sheet of paper when thinking about new ideas and other creative strategies to use for work or in their passion projects. If you happen to be one of these people, then you may want to use these palettes on your home too.

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